When I was eight years old, my father gave me a pair of stilts. I don’t remember if he bought it or made it himself (it was handmade). So, when I realized what were those two parts of wood, I stopped everything I was doing and kept trying to stand up on that.

A couple of hours later, I was a happy boy, proud of myself, screaming something like, — DAD, LOOK AT ME, I DID IT, I DID IT…

The main idea was that I had a goal and didn’t think about anything else while learning how to do that. Nowadays, when I think about that time when I was just a skinny little boy, I was always trying to learn something different by all means. Not because my parents told me to, but because I liked it.

So I realized one day, I don’t know when exactly, I stopped learning new stuff. However, I didn’t know WHEN, but I knew WHY. I know why. Childhood ends. That’s WHY. And when we are not that cute child we used to be, a new world comes out, a world where everything is a new challenge, and maybe all of those unknown possibilities could be a different way to FAIL.

Many things scare us when we are just kids, but learning new things isn’t one. Kids aren’t afraid to look stupid. Adults are.

Now let me ask you: How many people do you know that would like to try something new but never tried it because it seems stupid or childish to do?

I’m too old for that.

Last year, I decided I wouldn’t care about looking stupid as long as I looked like a learning stupid person.

Now I’m learning English, electric guitar, and other stuff. So this is why I decided to write this article in English. I don’t want to be an English Teacher, but I must understand and be understood, so why not? Maybe you are reading this article right now and making a mental note of my many mistakes. And I hope you do that and decide to talk to me about it. Just like when we were kids 😉