Almost nobody usually uses the Wikipedia's homepage

“I never access the Wikipedia homepage. I always get there by Google.” - Wikipedia User

A large proportion of users, don’t trust in Wikipedia information.

“The interface does not bother me. Trust in information is that I think it sucks.” - Wikipedia User

Empirical Research

1. Sidebar menu

The sidebar menu is too long and is not likable for the user. So, is possible that the user just ignores it. This fact does the user ignores other important items, such as “Create a Book”.

2. Hard User Options

Some of the items shown on the home page, make sense only for hard users. For an ordinary user, that options seem very technicals and complex, being ignored after some time.

3. Lack of Hierarchy

There is too much information on the first sign, making too difficult for the user to keep the focus on something. There is nothing to guide the journey from the home page. Thus, that most users do not consider the Wikipedia homepage the first step when they are looking for information. The access usually comes from a search result in external search engines.

4. Too Wide

The content is too wide, making the read difficult.

Users Interviews Insights

“I have no idea what’s on the Wikipedia homepage.”

“If Wikipedia submit the information provided on the platform by an expert valuation bank?”

“I’m not sure what’s on the sidebar navigation.”

“I never access the Wikipedia homepage. I always get there by Google.”

“I never had to create an account on Wikipedia. I only consume the content.”

“Rank trusted collaborators and report this on every new content edition.”

“There is so much information that you have no stimulus, no context.”

“The interface does not bother me. Trust in information is that I think it sucks.”

“The new information should be reviewed by teachers before they are attached to the platform.”

JoãoThe Curious

  • Age 72
  • Family Lives with wife
  • Occupation Retired / Bank officer
  • Place Small town in Brazil

A father of 3 children, and grandfather of 4 kids, he spent most of his life focused on providing a good life for his family, always giving his best to offer the comfort that his parents could not offer. After retirement, he enjoys his free time to be with his grandchildren, a way to feel better about the fact that he didn’t always present in his children’s childhood.

Encouraged for his grandchildren, he learned to use the internet more routinely, which he uses to understand some diverse subjects, such as curiosities and historical facts. Those moments used to be more frequently when he is talking with Gabriel, the youngest and curious grandson 7 years old.

He can’t enjoy his youth, so he does everything he can so that his family doesn’t make the same mistakes, which means that he is always offering help, trying to make them lives easier.

JorgeThe Professor

  • Age 24
  • Family Lives with wife
  • Occupation College Professor
  • Place Big city in Brazil

Anthropologist, he works as a professor on a college while trying to start your writing side. He’s a quiet person, with simple habits and prefers the analogical side of things. He took a time to surrender to the use of a computer, smartphone, and internet. He does not believe in the destiny, rather than each person is responsible for his own future.

In his free time, he enjoys going to public places, cafes, squares, museums. Part of the fun is observing people’s behavior in public settings.

The care and comfort of the wife and children. His mission is to raise children as an example of character and ability to make their own decisions.

AmandaThe Student

  • Age 24
  • Family Lives with her parents
  • Occupation Architecture Student
  • Place Small town in Brazil

She has a busy day, torn between the internship and her routine as an architecture student. Lessons at college, new stuff to learn and academic projects deadlines. Despite she is not an early adopter, she has on the internet, the solution to some of your problems.

Lover of art and culture, in her free time, she tries to consume references, visiting shows, spectacles and whenever can be possible. From time to time, he likes to research cultures from other countries, seeing curiosities and customs of different peoples.

As the first generation of her family who had access to higher education, she faces the routine of hard work and studies with determination, with the intention of becoming a great architect. The desire to enter the European market makes the effort justified.


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