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What is the user’s needs which make them get in Nespresso website?

“I need a coffee machine”

“I need a Nespresso coffee machine”

“I need to buy John’s wedding gift”

“Have a new edition of Nespresso Capsules? ”

“I need a Nespresso coffee machine”

“Have a Nespresso Store near here?”

“I need to buy more capsules for the office’s coffee machine”

“I just gained a Nespresso coffee machine. What can I do now?”

“I need to fix my coffee machine”

“Does Nespresso has a chocolate capsule?”

“Is a Nespresso capsule expensive?”

After talking to users and owners of Nespresso products, I identified 5 different kinds of buyers:

CharlesThe Specialist

  • Age 33
  • Family Lives with wife and son
  • Occupation Banker
  • Place Big city in Brazil


Married, he lives with his wife, his 3-year-old son and little Will, a Shitzu. Charles works as a banker in a big city, a job that is not his dream’s work but provides financial comfort to the family.
To make the routine easier, Charles likes to satisfy small wishes, such as know new places and have new gastronomy experiences.

Coffee, once just a companion at work, now became a passion for traveling places, always trying to experiment something new and trying new ways of preparation. So, if you have a chance to meet Charles, coffee is a subject that he can keep a few hours of conversation.


Who is Charles in the Nespresso World?
A frequent customer, with a very specific habit, but likes to try something new.

ThomasThe Amateur

  • Age 34
  • Family Lives with wife
  • Occupation Creative Director
  • Place Big city in Brazil

Creative director in a magazine, Thomas is a passionate guy for his work. Married but without children, enjoy the free time with his wife or with close friends, always receiving them at home.

Who is Tom in the Nespresso World?

He is just a guy who enjoys being with friends and has good moments. He is not a coffee specialist, so, Tom uses to buy only a few options, trying to decide what kind of flavor is better for him.

RachelThe Practical

  • Age 32
  • Family Lives with her husband
  • Occupation Architect
  • Place Big city in Brazil


Rachel is an architect, married, she has a simples life with her husband, but she likes to afford a few pleasure for herself sometimes.

RogerThe Fancy

  • Age 42
  • Family Lives alone
  • Occupation Lawyer
  • Place Big city in Brazil


Divorced, Roger lives in a comfortable flat by the sea. Successful lawyer, he is always in well-frequented places. It is believed that look good is essential in their profession and love the perception of exclusivity.

AnnaThe Busy

  • Age 26
  • Family Lives with her parents
  • Occupation Administrative Assistant
  • Place Big city in Brazil

Single, she just finished her college and now, she works as an administrative assistant in a film production company. Due to her career is just starting, she is always rushing to solve dozens of things that somehow end up on his to-do list, from welcoming new employees to optimizing team spending on office supplies and coffee makers.


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