You have finished high school, chosen one of the many courses that are out there, and dedicated the next four years of your life to it. Now you may be taking the first step in your professional life, and if you are smart, you will realize that what you have been shown during your college years is only the beginning of what you need to succeed.

The 81 months I spent in college involved 5 different courses, that every day support me in doing my job (of course, not all of them were completed). That course in Internet Systems that I did not finish, but that made me understand databases and algorithms, and thus know how to think systematically and how a certain problem can be solved in some digital solution, things that continue firm and strong in my day-to-day life. The 2 semesters of Edifications allowed me to have access to the discipline of technical drawing, which I currently use pen and paper in interface navigation studies.

Not all of the courses mentioned above gave me diplomas, but they gave me knowledge, acquired in the classroom, sometimes in conversations in the halls or around a bar table with colleagues and professors. It doesn’t matter the source, but knowledge will always be useful.

In short, your college classes may not solve your career, but they have their virtues. All knowledge is valid, so don’t stop getting new sources.

And in case you still have a little time available, below I put Steve Jobs’ speech to a Stanford class, which may be one of the most inspiring I have ever seen.